Rest In Peace

The classmates listed below may be gone, but not forgotten.
If you know of a classmate that should be on this list, send us an e-mail

At least 97 out of 708 people did not make it to age 70 that we know about.


Robert Allison 2007 Catherine Kirkland Krebbs
Alan Rogers Amsbary 2003 Phil Kunkle 2002
Robert Staunton Bauer 2005 John Kushwara, Heart, 2008
Harriet Blumberg Steve Thomas Laffoon 2013
Jim Bilawa 2003 Nancy Ann Locks 2012 Cancer
Darwin "Ted" Boomer, 2006 Carol Ann Long Provost
Vicki Jean Bostic Hansen 2008 Cathy Loukonen Kahl
Walter Brown 2014 Carol Anne Long Provost 2011
Byron Eugene Buell 2006 Carolyn Matteson Andrews
Cynthia Caselden 2001 Jim Mealiffe
Marilyn Jean Chapman Rhone 2001 Donald Miller
Steve Darrell Cobb 1989 Jerry Miller
Carol Coffman Lind 2011 Jim Moore
Hugh Ronnie Chandler 1988 Christina "Cree" Morey 2012
Gloria Chavira John Muir
Carol Coffman Lind 2011 Fred Nied
Frank Conatser Linda Nieto Manfrey 2008
Cynthia Cook Wayne Nielsen 2008
Ronald Lee Cordes 1980 Donald Orr
Cecilla Cronkright Osborn 2008 Richard Rae
Robert Delcoure Barbara Rasmussen Renfro 1997
Joah Dufault Legros, 2005 Chauncey Ray
Mary Diamond Buchhollz 2004 Natalie Roberts Tinnan 2014
Robert Lee Donsback 2001 William Robinson
Michael G. Douglas 2013 William Rogers
Dixon Dourte 2001 Sandra Sauter
Duane Easley Randy Shipley
Tom Evans Linda Suzanne Seifert 2013
Ted Fruechting 2012 Val Sneed 2008
Stephen Dale Gallagher 1980 Bill Sher Sterns, 2009
Gary Gates 2005 Louis Eugene Stoval 1990
Bart Giller Julie Strate Smart
Roy Green David Edward Stratford 2001
Douglas W Gould 2010 Charline Sutera Roy 2002
Russell Hackbarth 1990 Jerry Paul Swartz 2004
Connie Hamilton 2001 Lynette Swinson 2001
Rick Hammond 1997  Paulene "Lucile" Tang 2007
Joanne Hartley Pearson 2014 Chris Tatreau, 2008
Wayne Haslam Dennis Thacker
Sandra Hassey Ruyle 2014 Terry Thoelke 1982
Chrijs Hertzen 2012 Leonard Vuckan 1977
David Hetrick Robert Orville White 2011
Nels Hinman 2002 Joan Williams Sokolis
Derek Hoover Walene Adele Wilson
Randy Hopper Leona Wood Walton
Jana Howe Keele Cheryl Ann Wood Woodruff 1999
Carson Hubbard Charles Youngberg
Michael Johns 2009 Bill Zantiny
Richard Johnson 2005 Ron L Zimmerman 2001
Gretchen Jones Guzman 2008 Lorette Ziska Fulton 2008
Billy Ray Kirby

Please note that much of the information on this page is second hand information and we do not have the resources to confirm the accuracy.  If there are any mistakes, we apologize and ask you keep us informed

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