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2002 High School Reunion

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Hey classmate

Your Reunion Committee has set a date of Friday August 10 at 7:00 PM for your 10 year reunion.  The location is at The Grand at 4101 East Willow St between Lakewood and Redondo.  Their facebook page is LongBeachWilson2002

You can purchase tickets online at Wilson2002.Eventbrite for $65 which includes food, 2 beverages and entertainment.  The menu is Mexican Buffet which includes salad, chicken enchiladas, both veggie and carne asada fajitas, rice, beans, chips, salsa and dessert.

Now that your reunion committee is registered with us, this will be your class bulletin board and point of contact for future years.

The email address:  is your method of contacting your reunion committee.  It will forward all incoming mail to the committee's personal mail box.

Please take a moment and register with your reunion committee using this form. The maintenance of your class database is done by your reunion committee and this web site forwards all information to your committee.  This web site does not keep any records of your class and do not sell or share information.

It is the Reunion Committees responsibility to let us know what to put on the bulletin board.   Your Reunion Committee consists of: Alex Weiss, Natasha Cuda, Katie Hauck, Seamus Hogan, Todd Emigh, Bryan Thurson, Lauren Hilger, and Morgan Piercy.

This web site is owned by members of Class of 1962 Reunion Committee and supported by donations from Wilson High Classmates.  This is an all volunteer effort and the little income donated by the reunion committees and classmates is used to keep this web site on the internet.  If it is within your budget, please send us a donation.


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