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Hey classmate

At this time, we have not heard from your Class Reunion Committee.  When they contact us, a point of contact will be listed on this web page and any reunion information for your class will be made available here.  Until they contact us, we do not know who you should contact on your reunion committee.  We expect your reunion committee will get organized early in your reunion year and at that time they will register with us.

Once your reunion committee registers with us, this will be your class bulletin board and point of contact for future years.

The maintenance of your class database is done by your reunion committee and this web site forwards all information to your committee.  We do not keep any records of your class and do not sell or share information.

It is the Reunion Committees responsibility to provide us with a point of contact.  Once your Reunion Committee provides us with a point of contact, we will provide you with a form you can use to send them your name and address.  From that point on, it will be your responsibility to keep your reunion committee informed of your current contact information.  Until your Reunion Committee contacts us, please be patient and wait for you committee to contact us.

If your reunion committee is non-existent, you should consider starting a reunion committee for your class.  We will be glad to help you get started.

This web site is owned by members of Class of 1962 Reunion Committee and supported by donations from Wilson High Classmates.  This is an all volunteer effort and the little income donated by the reunion committees and classmates is used to keep this web site on the internet.  If it is within your budget, please send us a donation.


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