55 Year Reunion Blog

June 7th, The reunion committee woke up and killed all reunion plans.  To not upset people, Herb has stopped all reunion efforts and apologizees for creating a problem.

June 1st Herb made the decision to hire some one to put on the reunion and proceed independently.

On January 31, 2017, we held a Reunion Committee meeting.  It was not well attended, however we were in contact with most of the committee members and got their input.  Many members were not interested in putting in the effort we did for the 50th reunion and were not highly supportive of a 55th reunion.  Those in attendance are interested and I suspect there will be a simple reunion in late summer of 2017.  We discussed what the class of 1961 did and we are inclined to follow their ideas.  Here is what we are thinking

Saturday November 18th, 2017 we will hold a 4 hour luncheon at Long Beach Yacht Club.  Novemvber 18 is the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Because we did not have enough volunteers, we have commissioned Patti Gehrke to put on the reunion.  Patti and I will be going through the class database and updating mailing addresses.  If you are reading this, please Register with the Reunion Committee and make our job easier.   The effort to locate classmates is a very daunting effort and takes a lot of time to look for 600 people.  And when we do find them, we only have their snail mail address and can not send them an email.  So make sure you have your contact information current.  Register with Reunion Committee.

Because of the limited supply of volunteers, this will be a simple reunion with probably no reunion book, photos, or any other extras that usually come with reunions.

Check back reguarly to keep informed as to the 55 year reunion.


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